Rey Don Jaime

Annex Hotel and Rey Don Jaime are located on the same street. The reception for both hotels is done at the AAE Rey Don Jaime. 24/7 Desk Reception


Basic of getting into the city Getting from the Airport to the center of the city is easy. Obviously taking a taxi is the easiest way to get directly to our AAE Locations, but also the most expensive. The easiest and most economical ways to get into the city and to take the regional train (called the Renfe) or to take the airport bus. Both of these have service directly into the city center. The Bus drops you off at Plaza Catalunya, while the Renfe travels through Plaza Catalunya and has other available stops as well. ***These Directions are for the AAE Victoria, which is 4 blocks from the AAE Rey Don Jaime and the Annex. All check ins for the Annex are done at the Rey Don Jaime. Please read the very bottom for Metro Yellow Line 4, Jaume 1 , Metro stop to get to the Rey Don Jaime**** If you get off the airport shuttle, get on Metro to Yellow Line, or take a cab to Calle Jaume 1, number 11. Girona Airport Guest : Girona: Please visit below website to see the bus schedule. Honestly the bus leaves every couple minutes when it gets full. If you buy round ticket its about 19 euro. This bus will take to to the Barcelona Bus Station Estacion Nord which is very close to our Subirats. Please visit also this link and read the last part ( where you can see helpfull photo also ) Please see the map and directions from and click on Victoria for more directions to the Victoria . The Hostel is short walk from Plaza catalunya Using the Bus The bus is an easy way into the city center, but the price has recently been raised to 3.75€ per person. This is still a great price getting into the city, but the Renfe CAN be cheaper. First thing to do is to get on this bus directly outside the airport terminal. There may be a long line, but the bus advertises as coming every 15 minutes (Although I have found it comes more often) and I have never had to wait for more than 20 minutes for the longest line. After getting on the bus, you will ride for roughly 35-50 minutes and stop twice before you arrive at Plaza Catalunya (once at Plaza España and once at Calle Urgell). Once you reach Plaza Catalunya (pictured to the right) you will get off the bus and look for the wide (and probably crowded) street, Calle Portal d'Angel. This street starts from the base of the large store El Corte Ingles. You are going to follow this street down and take the FIRST left. onto a street called Calle Comtal. (The view from Calle Portal d'Angel to Calle Comtal is pictured to the left. After turning onto Calle Comtal you will follow it for less than one block until you see a store called "Desigual" on your left. If you look up at this point you should see the sign for the "Pension Victoria" on the second or third floor. The entrance is small and directly between the two entrances of Desigual. Welcome to your hostel! If you are going to Rey Don Jaime or Annex, you can either drop down to Metro from here and board the yellow line heading 2 stops to Jaume I, and exit toward "Placa de Angel" or simply hoof it over one block until you get too "Via Latiena" and head right- toward the sea. You will pass Jaume I in about 3 blocks. These are all within minutes of each other by foot. Taking the Renfe Taking the Renfe can be the cheapest option to get into the city center. It is nearly as easy to take as the Bus. Immediately after exiting your terminal, look for the large tunnel that leads over a parking lot. It is pictured to the right and is difficult to miss no matter which terminal you arrive from. If you go up and across this tunnel it will take you directly into the Renfe Station. Inside the tunnel are moving walkways so it is not especially difficult to cross. Inside the station you will see a desk as well as two ticket machines. You have a choice here. You can buy a one way "renfe ticket" all the way to Plaza Catalunya for less than 3€ or you can go to the machines and buy a "T10" which is a ticket good for ten rides on ALL public transport within barcelona. This ticket costs just under 7€ and TECHNICALLY is not supposed to be used from the airport, but all the machines accept it, and on the rare occasion that a guard might bother you, they usually don't care about tourists. Speak English and pretend not to understand the problem and they will just let you go. Pictured is the correct button to press in order to buy a T10 Metro pass. You will take the Renfe all the way to the Plaza Catalunya stop and then go aboveground. You will find yourself somewhere in Plaza Catalunya, depending on which exit you used. To orient yourself find the El Corte Ingles and walk towards it. At the base of the block with El Corte Ingles is the large pedestrian street Calle Portal d'Angel, which you want to walk down. You will walk down Portal d'Angel and take the first left possible on a small street called Calle Comtal. This is where your hostel is located. Once you have found Calle Comtal, follow it for less than a block until you see the store called "Desigual" on your left. If you look up you should see the sign for your hostel "Pension Victoria". The entrance is small and located directly between the entrances to Desigual. Welcome to your hostel! **If you are going to the Rey Don Jaime, either take the Metro from here, yellow line #4 to Jaume 1, or late night a cab. Or you may walk, but it is a bit of a boot, about 4 blocks. AAE Annex is next to the Jaime, same directions. ** The AAE Triunfo is about 3 Kilometers from here, and we reccommend a cab, to the "Calle Passieg Picasso"

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